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Hans-Dieter S., Essen
"Hello. I want to thank you for the quick delivery of the Thermopads. They arrived just in time and so we could use them in the late evening at the ICEHORSE 2010. The result convinced us! We did'nt have cold feet or cold hands although a temperature of 0 degree and rain in the ice statium. We will recommend your products to our friends!"

Sidecar Adventure Team Productions, "Motorrad-Gespanne" Murmansk, Russland
"...first of all our wifes love the warmers. The warmers prevent the feet from undercooling in the boots... We think: cost-effective product for winter motorists."



Thomas B., Frankfurt
"Today -  four hours on my mountain bike at -3°C  - and no icy feet like usually. Thanks to the toe warmers the cycling is much more fun. Great!"


Hanne M., Schönau
"...when I use the toe warmers in the morning, I need to light up the oven only in the evening. The toe warmer provide a comforting warm feeling for the whole body and on top my weak kidneys have stabilized."



Ines G., Kornwestheim
"...Thermopads are my last resource during the winter. I practically always have cold feet and easily get cystitis. I bought similar pads at the pharmacy but yours are much better and at a better price, too. Thank you!"



Isabel G., Erlangen
"... I finally could enjoy my skiing vacation last week because I did'nt get cold hands or feet. Even though it had 14 degree. For my next skiing vacation I will order your products again. I'm glad to have found you on the internet. By the way, the hand warmer keep warm for longer than stated on the packaging - up to 12 hours!"


Mario S., Hamburg
"As cyclist I am 100% convinced by the Thermopad toe warmers. In spite of -5 degree C I still had warm feet after two hours. It works better than everything I tried before. I just recommend Thermopads to all cyclists!"


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