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How does a Thermopad heat up?

Thermopad charcoal warmer.

The warmers are designed to generate up to 12 hours of warmth immediately after opening the air tight bag.

Available as hand warmer, toe warmer, body warmer or foot warmer they provide comfortable warmth during the cold season. 

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Chemical composition.

Thermopad heating pads are made from a mixture of natural materials: powdered iron, salt, charcoal, water and vermiculite*. This mixture is surrounded with a soft breathable membrane.

In conjunction with oxygen the powdered iron heats up and, depending on which article you choose, Thermopad heating pads have been designed to provide between 5 and 20 hours of warmth.

* Vermiculite is a rare mineral stemming from layered-form silicates belonging to the clay mineral family and due to their high cation exchange rate can help to aid soil fertility.


How are the warmers made?

The temperature and heat duration of all Thermopad-charcoal warmers is variable. So the ventilation, amount and mixture of the components can be regulated.

The fineness and type of granulate iron, the activated carbon; water cushions as well as the remaining elements are responsible for the quality characteristics of the respective types of warmer.

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