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Heat logistics

Dispatch of products sensitive to cold

Thermopad offers charcoal based warmers, which can be used for thermo logisitics. Customers from the pharmaceutical or food industry use our products during the cold season to dipatch goods that are sensitive to temperature.

Depending on the product and duration of dispatch we offer different warmers, that can be attached to the shipment to stabilize the temperature of the goods.

We develop individual solutions together with our customer

In order to check the heat development within the packaging, the temperature can be logged by means of a data logger.


Heat logistics - test series

In this test series a carton (Measurements: 200x200x150 mm) had been equipped with our warmers.

As the warmers need oxygen to generate warmth, the carton had several vent holes.

The carton had been stored in a refrigerated warehouse at 3-4°C without beeing isolated.

In the chart you can see the temperature development inside the carton.




Room temperature
Number of warmersType of warmerNumber of vent holes

Average temperature
inside the carton

3-4 °C6Body815,23 °C
3-4 °C6Body413,49 °C


We will gladly provide you with test series according to your needs.

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