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Blinker Anglerzeitschrift: Zum Angeln zu kalt?

"Ob beim Quappenansitz oder beim Watfischen... sind niedrige Temperaturen ab sofort keine Ausrede mehr."

Profi Partner des Deutschen Skilehrerverbands

Thermopad ist offizieller Profi Partner des Deutschen Skilehrerverbands.

At around -35 degrees our main goal was to get warm feet again.

Me and my friend Tomas tried to climb Mt Kazbek in the Georgian Caucasus mountains in the winter of 2013. Our startpoint was Stepandsminda, a small village that is lined by the famous cross pass to Russia. As we couldn't persuade any of the taxi drivers in Stepandsmina to drive us to the highest reachable point by car, the Gergeti church, we had to accept to climb an additional 400m altitude the first day. Still motivated to reach the summit on the second accent day we started our journey towards our night shelter, an abandoned weather station. The climbing was tougher than expected with our main opponent being the wind.
While following a seemingly endless ridge we got sandblasted with ice crystals and  struggled to walk straight. With snowboards, iceclimbing gear and complete camping gear on our backs we reached the weather station after 10hours of walking on grass, snow and glacier ice. We were exhausted and happy to find the entrance of the shelter unlocked. Unfortunately there was no oven or other source of heat.

At around -35 degrees our main goal was to get warm feet again. Our snowboard boots were entirely frozen so we tried to thaw and dry them over our gasoline stove. After putting on dry socks and cutting some old thrown away foam mattresses in pieces we wrapped our feet with thermopads. 4 for each foot. Then we would wrap our feet in the slices of foam and closed it all up with duct tape.
With our feet getting warmer everything went better again. We melted the frozen soup out of the pots we found in the hut an started preparing drinking water and food. After around 5 hours of melting snow and drying our shoes we curled up in our sleeping bags. Early the next morning at around 5am our procedure of melting snow started again. Our feet were still comfy and warm. But they had to get back into the frozen boots.

Bei -35° im Kaukasus

With a new set of thermopads we continued the accent. By that time we already abandoned the plan to go to the summit. We agreed that the temperatures and the weight had already drained too much of our resources.
The way down should, in theory, be ridable all the way. But from our accent we already knew that more walking downwards would wait for us. So we climbed for 3 hours towards the summit to get as high as possible. With perfect blue sky we went up to around 4200m ,took a break,  inhaled the beauty of this remote area and started our way back to the valley. After another 8 hour descent we reached Stepandsminda. Exhausted, happy and sore. We made two conclusion after this climb. Number one: we were too ambitious to try the summit in only two days. Number two: you can't have enough Thermopads in your pockets. They are light and most likely saved our toes.

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Die Bildzeitung schreibt: "Thermopads für die Schuhe - blitzschnell wohlig warme Füße"

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