Our customers


A big part of our customers are skiers or bicyclists. But our pads are used by professional athletes too, for instance on the substitutes bench of different clubs in the “Bundesliga”


Early morning on the stand – iciness – which hunter wouldn’t be familiar with the scenario. Our products for hands, feet and body can help you to stay comfortably relaxed, even for several hours.


Visiting a sports event and it is cold outside? Soccer, ski jumbing or biathlon? Standing on cold ground for a long time can easily spoil the fun.


Even though Thermopads are no medical products, they give warmth for several hours and are a wellness product.

Security and government agencies

Many of our customers work in the security department. Fire fighters, policemen or paramedics – during the cold season they all have long-time operations outside.


You love the marvellous outdoors? That’s great. And in case you get cold easily just use our Thermopads to keep you warm.

Our warmers

Einzelpreis: 2,99 

Available from 2,30 € / pair (maxi-pack). Air activated foot warmer "classic" (insole). The foot warmers activate themselves when unpacked and you have warm feet for up to 8 hours. Available in three sizes.

Einzelpreis: 9,99 

Available from 9,00€/box as bundle Neck warmth in perfect shape for the shoulder and neck area. Three air activated heat cells give comfortable deep warmth. Wearable under all kind of clothes.

Einzelpreis: 12,99 

Available from 11,00 €/box Air activated heat belt for comfortable relaxation by deep warmth for up to 12 hours. Unremarkable and comfortable due to the stretch material - ideal for every situation during the day.

Einzelpreis: 2,99 

Available from 2,30€ / pair (maxi-pack) Air activated adhesive foot warmer. Unpack and apply the warmer to your socks. Gives you warm feet for up to 8 hours. Available in S and L and as insole.

Einzelpreis: 1,79 

Available from 1,30 €/pair (maxi-pack) Air activated body warmer - up to 12 hours of comfortable warmth for wellness and relaxation during leisure, sports or work.

Einzelpreis: 1,79 

Available from 1,30€/pair (maxi-pack) Air activated toe warmer. The thin toe warmers can be sticked to the socks (bottom or top) and give you warm feet for up to 8 hours.

Einzelpreis: 1,79 

Available from 1,30€/pair (maxi-packs) Air activated hand warmer - just put them in your pockets or gloves - 12 hours extra warm! Ideal for all outdoor activities.


Not only warm, but stylish too: Microfiber Buff in Thermopad design! Is added to your order automatically from a total order value of 100 Euro for free.