Iron powder

During the reaction with oxygen the iron oxidates and delivers warmth.

Salt & Water

Our warmers contain both ingredients. They work as catalysts and are needed for the chemical reaction.

How does it work?

Our Thermopads contain a mixture of natural ingredients:

  • iron powder
  • salt
  • active carbon
  • water
  • vermiculite (clay mineral)

The ingredients are mixed into a granulate which reacts with oxygen.

The soft nonwoven fabric, which is filled with the granulate, regulates the entry of oxygen. That is the magic behind the small warmpad in different sizes and shapes.

In Detail

After opening the air- tight bag, the heat lasts up to 12 hours, depending on the item.

The reaction is based on the simple concept of chemical oxidation. The oxgyen compound generates thermal energy, simply: heat.

In comparison Thermopad warmes have a high efficiency. Our toe warmers develop up to 35kcal. They emit more than four times the thermal energy of an electric heater. One of the reasons is that thermal storage systems are more efficient than electric ones.

The temperature and the heat duration of all charcoal warmers are controlled by various parameters. In this way the oxidation supply, it’s quantity and mixture can be modified. In combination with oxgyen the iron powder heats up.