Good to know

The development of the heat of a Thermopad is directly depending on the following parameters:

1. the available oxygen

2. the insulation

3. the surrounding temperature

4. a dry environment

Keep in mind

Depending on the available oxygen the chemical reaction of all warmers varies. To ensure an optimal development of heat we recommend to leave the warmers at room temperature for some minutes after unpacking, so they can get enough oxygen to start the reaction.

The warmers contain a little bit of water, which is needed for the chemical reaction. When the warmers reach a temperature below 1-2 ¬įC the chemical reaction cannot start. If you want to use the warmers in an environmental temperature of 1-2 ¬įC, we recommend to activate them when you are still in an environment with a higher temperature. The chemical reaction can also be stopped by reaching those degrees, but in the usual winter shoes the warmer will not reach such low temperatures.

Well isolated shoes are also important to keep the warmth inside the shoe. Compared to a good heating in your house, it becomes clear that the warmth can only be enjoyed if the isolation of the house keeps the warmth inside. An additional aluminium insole can help to keep the warmth inside the shoes.

It is the same for the hand and body warmers: Use them inside your pockets, your gloves or under the jacket.

The chemical reaction can be interrupted by contact with water – so try to keep them dry.

Low temperature burn

The warmth of our pads can – if concentrated on a very small area –  cause so called low temperature burns.