My pads don't get warm. What can I do?

The development of warmth depends on several components: the surrounding temperature, the amount of oxygen available, the insulation and the dryness of the environment in which it is used. Depending on those components the chemical reaction can vary a little.

What do the specified temperatures mean?

Maximum temperature: Highest temperature out of ten random tests during the warming period. The maximum temperature will not be exceeded but can go in single cases up to 30% below the specified temperature.

Average temperature: Average temperature out of ten random tests during the warming period.

Duration of warmth: Average duration of warmth within a predetermined temperature range out of eight random tests. Usually above the the duration specified on the product.

How to dispose of the charcoal warmers?

The warmers contain non-toxic ingredients only and can be disposed of in general waste. The foil packaging can be recycled by the “Duales System” and therefore have the sign “Gr√ľner Punkt”.

How long can I keep the warmers in store?

Depending on the type of warmer and the place of storage all warmers can be stored for several years. Please consider the expiration date printed on the packaging.

Safety instructions

Do not use warmers while sleeping. Why?

The warmth, generated by our products, should be transported by the blood circulation and distributed to the whole body. When the warmpad is pressed onto the skin as it can happen during sleeping periods with few movements, the blood circulation is slowed down and the warmth is concentrated on a limited spot of skin. “Low temperature burns” can be the result. In case of such improper use and developing burnings, cool the area and seek medical advice.

Why do the warmpads have an expiration date?

After or around the expiration date the attributes of the warmpads change. The maximum temperature will rise, the duration will drop.

Can Thermopads cause a fire?

Under normal circumstances causing a fire is impossible. Only in special surroundings with a high concentration of oxygen in combination with an extensive amount of opened Thermopads a fire can be caused.

Why are the warmers not suited for kids under 6 years?

The ingredients of the warmers are non-toxic, but if the pad is opened the content could be inhaled or swallowed. Additionally kids cannot estimate the developing warmth correctly. Therefore we do not recommend the application for kids under 6 years.

My kid swallowed the ingredients inadvertently. What should I do?

The ingredients are non-toxic, but to be sure you should seek medical advice as soon as possible.


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Since when do charcoal warmers exist?

The first charcoal warmers were invented in the years 1950-53 after finding out that iron heats up when oxidating. An American soldier stationed in Korea used iron powder and salt in a canister to keep himself warm during the cold winter. 1978 the first warm pads were produced. Today more than 150 types of charcoal warmers for a variety of applications are used in Japan.

Why do cold feet cause colds?

When your feet cool down the blood vessels in the nose tighten and the immune defence is restricted. Cold viruses, which are around us constantly, have a much higher chance to succeed then. Therefore we recommend our warmers to prevent you from cooling down and getting a cold.

Why are women always colder than men?

First: It’s not because of the thin clothes or because of the hormonal balance. The main reason is the average percentage of fat, which is approx. 25% for women and only 15% for men. Therefore men have more muscels, which work as an inner heating machine, due to their better blood circulation. Additionally the male skin is thicker than the female skin. So, it is not whining, when “she” is freezing, it is a medical fact!

HOW DO Thermopads WORK?

What is the secret behind the charcoal warmers? Just unpack and the pad is getting warm?

How it works
Ab: 2,99

Luftaktivierter Sohlenw√§rmer (Einlegesohle). Einfach auspacken und bis zu 8 Stunden warme F√ľ√üe genie√üen.

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5er-Pack 3%
10er-Pack 23%
30er-Pack 33%

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Luft-aktivierte ultra-d√ľnne Zehenw√§rmer f√ľr bis zu 8 Stunden warme F√ľ√üe. Einfach auspacken und unten oder oben auf die Socken kleben.

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5er-Pack 15%
10er-Pack 25%
20er-Pack 30%
30er-Pack 35%

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Ab: 1,99

Luft-aktivierte Handw√§rmer f√ľr bis zu 12 Stunden warme H√§nde. Einfach auspacken und in Jacken- oder Hosentasche verwenden oder im Handschuh platzieren.

Verpackung Ersparnis
5er-Pack 15%
10er-Pack 25%
20er-Pack 30%
30er-Pack 35%

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Luft-aktivierte R√ľckenw√§rmer mit einer Textilklebefl√§che. Sie k√∂nnen an beliebiger Stelle des K√∂rpers auf der Kleidung angebracht werden und geben bis zu 12 Stunden W√§rme ab.

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